Client testimonial from Christopher I. (last name withheld to protect client's privacy)

John Helped Me Put My Life Back Together . . .
I moved to Atlanta from New York and moved back again a short time later due to a failed relationship. I had spent almost all of my savings moving South to begin with and returned home with almost nothing. I had a difficult time finding a job in my field and ended up living off of my credit cards. The job was decent, but I was barely making ends meet. After I paid rent and credit card bills, there was barely enough money for food and commuting. I missed a few credit card payments and immediately, my interest rates were doubled. Though I tried to work with the credit card companies, they would not budge. At that point there was no way I could pay all of my bills on my salary.
I went to John for help. He talked with me about my situation. He looked at the numbers and showed me that even if I got the highest possible raises, it would take me over 10 years to pay down my debt, all the while living in poverty. He talked to me about all of my options and helped me chose the best one for me – a person who found himself in a bad situation because of things that he had no control over.
Now a happily married father, I am glad that I was able to put my life back on track so that I could move forward.