Client testimonial from Rusty W. (last name withheld to protect client's privacy)

I first heard of, and became a facebook fan of, the LeNoir Law Firm by my facebook friendship with John LeNoir.
I have thus read all about Debt Inversion and I am convinced that it is a better solution to my credit card debt then bankruptcy.
I am now almost maxed out on 8 credit cards for about $25,500.
I am retired from The NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation and together with my Social Security I have an income of about $26,000. annually. I have a rent controlled apartment which just recently qualified for SCRIE fixing my rent at $668 per month. The only asset I have is a small TDA now valued at $7,000.
I previously went bankrupt in September 2002 on about $50,000 credit card debt exclusively. I was represented by MELS (Municipal Employees Legal Services) of my union DC 37 and it only cost me the filing fees and some legwork; it’s too bad they didn’t do Debt Inversion. It was my first bankruptcy and I was hoping that it would be my only bankruptcy, but then my wife died suddenly from stomach cancer June 21, 2004. I’m afraid that the grief that felt like a knife was stuck in my heart made me go a little crazy and I spent to a point of indebtedness from which I have been unable to recover from financially.
I asked for a consultation with John and he granted it. My first impression upon meeting John was that of a young family man taking his turn at caring for his young son John in his NYC apartment on Central Park West, across from the North Woods which John also knows well from walks and picnics with his son, wife and dog. It was the most unusual first consultation I have ever had but then John is not just another lawyer. He is also a musician and this creative side of him is what also impressed me. Before I met John I was impressed with all the love I picked up on from the pictures of him and his family on his Facebook Wall. In person I could feel the love even from the family dog. His son misbehaved a little and I was also impressed in the loving way he handled it. I am a grandfather with four loving grandchildren and so will John be someday with a fruitful lifetime of accomplishment to look back on.
I was already impressed with John’s intelligence through our Facebook exchanges. He impressed me during our consultation with his legal knowledge and expertise. I must say I feel like he’s some kind of Clarence Darrow. His legal knowledge, his creativity and his love filled family life has given me complete confidence in him. Without reservation I would recommend him to anybody who is over their head in debt. I have followed his advice without question and will continue to do so, fully expecting that he will be representing me legally, down the line, if and when Collection Agencies come into the picture.
As promised the legal consultation was free but meeting this wonderful man, his young son and the dog were priceless.