Client testimonial from John K. (last name withheld to protect client's privacy)

When I found myself faced with a surprise wage garnishment, I began looking for attorneys. I had many to choose from and began calling around, to attorney after attorney. Their responses all seemed to be lukewarm, my $2000 wage garnishment seemingly couldn’t mean less to them, but right before Thanksgiving and Christmas, it meant a lot to me. How did I get garnished? How was this money already coming out of my check? Where did it come from? How did my employer authorize this? How could they garnish me without papers? How could I get my money back? I began to ask about a dozen questions to several lawyers who advertised “free consultations” and “no fee unless we win” and other ad friendly claims… I called them, and when they found out the amount and what happened, they were no longer interested. Many had high fees up front, with little hope in stopping or recovering anything.
I called John LeNoir, and he was eager to help, understanding, and laid out all of my options on the table. He called me back after researching my case, and told me in detail what to expect. He sent a strongly worded letter to their attorneys, and the judgement was reversed within the month, and the money was refunded from the garnishment soon after. Additionally, he was sensitive to the fact that I had little money due to the garnishment, and split the fee up into payments so it wasn’t due all at once. He was sociable, laid back and easy to deal with, not stiff and unreasonable like the other attorneys I dealt with. He fought for me against a company that tried to take advantage of me, and has succeeded in doing so to others. He understood the impact the collector and their law firm had on me, and pursued them for practicing law in another state with no legal right to. He stood up for a regular working guy, when the rest of the attorneys in my area didn’t do as they advertised. Not only did he defend me from an unjust judgement, he turned it into an inversion. I have recommended him to over a dozen friends and co-workers, and will to anyone I know in any situation. He has helped friends and co workers with all types of legal matters, is very well educated and has credentials beyond many, and I know I can trust that he will go the extra mile with anyone I know that finds themselves in any type of situation.