Client testimonial from Matthew M. (last name withheld to protect client's privacy)

I ran a small business in New York for 5 years. After 9/11, things started going downhill and pretty soon I found myself making personal loans to my own company that I couldn’t pay off — just to stay afloat. I was too small to succeed, and no government handouts to keep ME going. Eventually, my personal debt became unsustainable and I had to close my business. I had no idea what to do — at that point in my life, I was saddled with an enormous debt that I couldn’t possibly pay off with all my other non-negotiable debt like student loans. But thanks to LeNoir Law Firm, I am happy to report that I’m doing very well after my bankruptcy, 7 years later. I must say – working with John and his team way back in 2003 was the smartest decision I ever made. I’m doing VERY VERY well now. Student loan paid off, house paid off, car paid off. ZERO DEBT. Savings in the bank, retirement funds going. John and his firm provided me with the financial relief I desperately needed to push the reset button on my life and get back on track.