The Rise and Fall of the ROBO-SIGNER in Mortgage Foreclosure Fraud

It’s a great time to be behind on your mortgage payments.  Consult with an attorney early, before the foreclosure process begins.
Foreclosures Slow as Document Flaws Emerge – New York Times, 9/30/10
Excerpt:  In depositions taken by lawyers for homeowners, executives at GMAC and Chase said they or their teams signed 10,000 or more affidavits and related documents a month. That did not give them time to review the cases.
JPMorgan Suspending Foreclosures – New York Times, 9/29/10
Excerpt:  Chase and GMAC, in their zeal to process hundreds of thousands of foreclosures as quickly as possible and get those properties on the market, employed people who could sign documents so quickly they popularized a new term for them: “robo-signer.”