Judge Denies Foreclosure Against Deutsche Bank’s Forgery Victim

We previously wrote about mortgage foreclosure fraud committed against our client, homeowner Dominic Codio, when Deutsche Bank used a forged, fake promissory note to attempt to prove ownership of Mr. Codio’s mortgage loan.  Deutsche Bank’s attorney brought the fake note to our office and told Mr. Codio and S. John LeNoir, Esq. that it was the original promissory note bearing Mr. Codio’s original signature and his initials on every page except the signature page.

Of course Mr. Codio immediately recognized that the signature and initials had been forged.  We retained a questioned document examiner (handwriting expert) who performed a thorough analysis and confirmed that the signature and initials were not Mr. Codio’s.

Deutsche Bank’s attorneys later made a motion for summary judgment requesting the right to foreclose upon Mr. Codio’s home.  The Court denied the motion because Deutsche Bank had failed to prove ownership of Mr. Codio’s mortgage loan, citing forgery of Mr. Codio’s signature on the fake note.  The Court’s full decision is attached.

We again thank Mr. Codio for allowing us to write freely about his case.  We shall keep you updated of any further developments.

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