When to Retain a Good Foreclosure Defense Attorney in New York

A homeowner should consult with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney right after receiving foreclosure papers.  The earliest stages of the case are the most crucial times to assert and preserve a homeowner’s legal rights for the remainder of the case. It is far more difficult for a foreclosure defense attorney to repair a “damaged” case than to handle the case correctly from the beginning.

Still, a homeowner who does not hire a foreclosure defense attorney at the beginning of the case is not doomed to lose the home.  Retaining a skillful and experienced foreclosure defense attorney at practically any time will maximize the homeowner’s chance of saving the home.  This applies even after a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale has been entered.

The LeNoir Law Firm takes on difficult foreclosure cases at all stages of the foreclosure process with the intent to win the case and save the home. If you have received foreclosure papers, please call us for a free initial legal consultation.

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