Client testimonial from Matthew M. (last name withheld to protect client's privacy)

I ran a small business in New York for 5 years. After 9/11, things started going downhill and pretty soon I found myself making personal loans to my own company that I couldn’t pay off — just to stay afloat. I was too small to succeed, and no government handouts to keep ME going. Eventually, my personal debt became unsustainable and I had to close my business. I had no idea what to do — at that point in my life, I was saddled with an enormous debt that I couldn’t possibly pay off with all my other non-negotiable debt like student loans. But thanks to LeNoir Law Firm, I am happy to report that I’m doing very well after my bankruptcy, 7 years later. I must say – working with John and his team way back in 2003 was the smartest decision I ever made. I’m doing VERY VERY well now. Student loan paid off, house paid off, car paid off. ZERO DEBT. Savings in the bank, retirement funds going. John and his firm provided me with the financial relief I desperately needed to push the reset button on my life and get back on track.

Client testimonial from John K. (last name withheld to protect client's privacy)

When I found myself faced with a surprise wage garnishment, I began looking for attorneys. I had many to choose from and began calling around, to attorney after attorney. Their responses all seemed to be lukewarm, my $2000 wage garnishment seemingly couldn’t mean less to them, but right before Thanksgiving and Christmas, it meant a lot to me. How did I get garnished? How was this money already coming out of my check? Where did it come from? How did my employer authorize this? How could they garnish me without papers? How could I get my money back? I began to ask about a dozen questions to several lawyers who advertised “free consultations” and “no fee unless we win” and other ad friendly claims… I called them, and when they found out the amount and what happened, they were no longer interested. Many had high fees up front, with little hope in stopping or recovering anything.
I called John LeNoir, and he was eager to help, understanding, and laid out all of my options on the table. He called me back after researching my case, and told me in detail what to expect. He sent a strongly worded letter to their attorneys, and the judgement was reversed within the month, and the money was refunded from the garnishment soon after. Additionally, he was sensitive to the fact that I had little money due to the garnishment, and split the fee up into payments so it wasn’t due all at once. He was sociable, laid back and easy to deal with, not stiff and unreasonable like the other attorneys I dealt with. He fought for me against a company that tried to take advantage of me, and has succeeded in doing so to others. He understood the impact the collector and their law firm had on me, and pursued them for practicing law in another state with no legal right to. He stood up for a regular working guy, when the rest of the attorneys in my area didn’t do as they advertised. Not only did he defend me from an unjust judgement, he turned it into an inversion. I have recommended him to over a dozen friends and co-workers, and will to anyone I know in any situation. He has helped friends and co workers with all types of legal matters, is very well educated and has credentials beyond many, and I know I can trust that he will go the extra mile with anyone I know that finds themselves in any type of situation.

Client testimonial from Rusty W. (last name withheld to protect client's privacy)

I first heard of, and became a facebook fan of, the LeNoir Law Firm by my facebook friendship with John LeNoir.
I have thus read all about Debt Inversion and I am convinced that it is a better solution to my credit card debt then bankruptcy.
I am now almost maxed out on 8 credit cards for about $25,500.
I am retired from The NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation and together with my Social Security I have an income of about $26,000. annually. I have a rent controlled apartment which just recently qualified for SCRIE fixing my rent at $668 per month. The only asset I have is a small TDA now valued at $7,000.
I previously went bankrupt in September 2002 on about $50,000 credit card debt exclusively. I was represented by MELS (Municipal Employees Legal Services) of my union DC 37 and it only cost me the filing fees and some legwork; it’s too bad they didn’t do Debt Inversion. It was my first bankruptcy and I was hoping that it would be my only bankruptcy, but then my wife died suddenly from stomach cancer June 21, 2004. I’m afraid that the grief that felt like a knife was stuck in my heart made me go a little crazy and I spent to a point of indebtedness from which I have been unable to recover from financially.
I asked for a consultation with John and he granted it. My first impression upon meeting John was that of a young family man taking his turn at caring for his young son John in his NYC apartment on Central Park West, across from the North Woods which John also knows well from walks and picnics with his son, wife and dog. It was the most unusual first consultation I have ever had but then John is not just another lawyer. He is also a musician and this creative side of him is what also impressed me. Before I met John I was impressed with all the love I picked up on from the pictures of him and his family on his Facebook Wall. In person I could feel the love even from the family dog. His son misbehaved a little and I was also impressed in the loving way he handled it. I am a grandfather with four loving grandchildren and so will John be someday with a fruitful lifetime of accomplishment to look back on.
I was already impressed with John’s intelligence through our Facebook exchanges. He impressed me during our consultation with his legal knowledge and expertise. I must say I feel like he’s some kind of Clarence Darrow. His legal knowledge, his creativity and his love filled family life has given me complete confidence in him. Without reservation I would recommend him to anybody who is over their head in debt. I have followed his advice without question and will continue to do so, fully expecting that he will be representing me legally, down the line, if and when Collection Agencies come into the picture.
As promised the legal consultation was free but meeting this wonderful man, his young son and the dog were priceless.

Client testimonial from Christopher I. (last name withheld to protect client's privacy)

John Helped Me Put My Life Back Together . . .
I moved to Atlanta from New York and moved back again a short time later due to a failed relationship. I had spent almost all of my savings moving South to begin with and returned home with almost nothing. I had a difficult time finding a job in my field and ended up living off of my credit cards. The job was decent, but I was barely making ends meet. After I paid rent and credit card bills, there was barely enough money for food and commuting. I missed a few credit card payments and immediately, my interest rates were doubled. Though I tried to work with the credit card companies, they would not budge. At that point there was no way I could pay all of my bills on my salary.
I went to John for help. He talked with me about my situation. He looked at the numbers and showed me that even if I got the highest possible raises, it would take me over 10 years to pay down my debt, all the while living in poverty. He talked to me about all of my options and helped me chose the best one for me – a person who found himself in a bad situation because of things that he had no control over.
Now a happily married father, I am glad that I was able to put my life back on track so that I could move forward.

Client testimonial from Bryce W. (last name withheld to protect client's privacy)

Being in financial trouble is not only distressing, it’s depressing and embarassing, which is part of the reason I kept putting off dealing with my situation. When I went to LeNoir Law Firm, I felt from the start that I was talking to a friend. A very knowlegable friend, one who wasn’t judging me, but was in my corner. What a relief! What a resource! I left that first meeting feeling optimistic and throughout my experience was blown away by the motivated and expert counsel I received.

Client testimonial from Kimberly W. (last name withheld to protect client's privacy)

“LeNoir Law Firm provided invaluable advice for my legal needs. John LeNoir proved to be extremely knowledgeable in a wide variety of legal matters, and did not flinch once, despite the curveballs I threw out. It was a true pleasure working with the LeNoir Law Firm and I would not hesitate to call again.”

Client testimonial from Turhan C. (last name withheld to protect client's privacy)

“If you’re need of any semblance of alleviation from debt The LeNoir Law Firm is the way to go. I remember in my time of being hassled incessantly by collectors, knowing full well that I couldn’t handle the outrageous rates and demands that were placed on my outstanding balances, I sought out and found the LeNoir Law Firm. Highly experienced, knowledgeable, courteous, and to the point, the LeNoir Law Firm is your ticket to a much less suffocating way of life. I know it was for me.”
Turhan C. hired The LeNoir Law Firm in 2003.

Client testimonial from Michael Dumiak

“I’ve worked with and followed the practice of many attorneys in New York; John LeNoir stands out. He brings great attention to detail, personal involvement and creativity. His deep institutional knowledge over years in NYC is a valuable asset, and he won’t be outworked…”
Michael Dumiak hired the LeNoir Law Firm in 2007.

Client testimonial from Sarah Martin

“John is thoughtful, creative, and of high personal integrity. I would highly recommend him for any of your legal needs.”
Sarah Martin hired the LeNoir Law Firm in 2006, and hired the firm more than once.

Client testimonial from David Pollack

“I’ve worked with John LeNoir since 1999, and have referred several friends to his practice. His attentiveness to my case was a refreshing surprise, and his command of the law was impressive. He clearly communicated the status of my case, and saw it through to its conclusion. I would not hesitate to recommend other people to the LeNoir Law Firm.”
David Pollack first hired the LeNoir Law Firm in 1999.