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Debt Inversion

In New York, a debt collection or mortgage foreclosure action is neither simple nor cut and dried. If the legal action is properly contested, it is frequently possible to defeat the case and owe no money. It is sometimes possible to ‘turn the case around’ and collect monetary damages from the bank or creditor that brought the lawsuit.

Debt Inversion is the redistribution of wealth from creditors to debtors through the use of a combination of legal strategies designed to (1) prevent a creditor from proving its case, (2) permanently defeat the case by proving multiple complete defenses, (3) collect monetary damages and eliminate a creditor’s rights through counterclaims and independent lawsuits (including quiet title actions) against the creditor.

LeNoir Law Firm

LeNoir Law Firm, PLLC is a New York City based litigation firm focused on mortgage foreclosure defense, quiet title lawsuits to discharge (cancel) unenforceable mortgage debts, debt collection defense, and appeals.

Since 1995 our attorneys have used Debt Inversion Legal Strategies to safeguard our clients’ homes, income, savings and investments from an ever-expanding arsenal of fraudulent practices invented by the financial industry to steal hundreds of billions of dollars from its customers.

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Foreclosure Defense
We keep our clients’ homes their own.
Quiet Title Lawsuits
We sue to eliminate unenforceable mortgages.
Debt Collection Defense
We challenge collectors to produce their proof.
When judges get it wrong, we make it right.
Commercial Foreclosures
Seller-financed only – no banks accepted

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LeNoir Law Firm, PLLC practices law exclusively in New York State. We provide legal representation in the state and federal courts located in the five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding Counties of Nassau, Suffolk and Westchester.